Power through Synergy

To produce the best crop possible, you need innovative technology backed by a team of experts. That’s why you need Sumitomo Chemical Plantation Solutions. We bring plantation growers the products, strength, experience, and credibility of a global leader.

We are the only group that can provide you, the plantation grower, with organic and conventional crop protection, crop nutrition, plant growth regulators, and water management solutions – all from a single source – all backed by leading companies, world-class research, and outstanding in-field development.

Sumitomo Chemical Company is a global leader in the crop science industry, leveraging innovative technologies from more than 160 consolidated subsidiaries to become a total solution provider supporting all stages of agriculture.

Our quality products and in-field expertise, combined from six of the leading companies within the Sumitomo Chemical Group, offer integrated answers that can help you maximize crop quality and return on investment.

That's Sumitomo Chemical Plantation Solutions.

That's the Power of Synergy.

The Sumitomo Chemical Company is a global leader in creative solutions for health and crop science, bringing products to its customers through a business philosophy that drives, innovation and integration. With a centuries-long history of proven reliability, steadfast quality control and a commitment to the world’s societies and the environment, Sumitomo Chemical is known for products that create and deliver value.

Valent BioSciences is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Chemical Company, created when Abbott Laboratories divested its agricultural business in 2000. Valent BioSciences is the undisputed worldwide leader in the commercialization and supply of biorational products: highly innovative, low-risk, environmentally compatible agricultural, public health, and forestry products and services that create value for our customers and stakeholders.

Pace International LLC, a global leader in post-harvest coatings, sanitizers and post-harvest disease management products, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Valent BioSciences Corporation. Post-harvest products improve fruit quality and maintain nutritional value while allowing for longer storage, providing global reach to marketers of many types of high-value crops.

Sumika Agro Tech Company Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Chemical Company, specializing both in irrigation products and slow-release fertilizers. Sumika’s durable and long-lasting Sumisansui irrigation products utilize advanced hydro-engineering technology, giving growers the ability to deliver water – and companion products such as Sumicoat controlled- release fertilizers – precisely to the plant root zone.

Mycorrhizal Applications is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Valent BioSciences and is the leader in researching, developing, applying and distributing natural, beneficial and symbiotic fungi that enhance plant health. MycoApply, a key product that increases plant uptake of nutrients and water, has been shown to increase the surface area of plant roots from 100 to 1,000 times, thereby increasing plant vigor and yield.

MGK, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Valent BioSciences, develops and markets a broad portfolio of branded insect control products based primarily on natural pyrethrum and synthetic pyrethroids. In addition MGK develops custom solutions for insecticide manufacturers around the world that meet a wide variety of insect control requirements. MGK branded products and custom solutions provide effective solutions with a lower environmental impact.