Ants Affecting Banana Quality and Ease of Harvest?

ants_affecting_banana_quality-copy bigheaded_ant_chart

Ants (above) are more than a nuisance. They lower fruit quality and can injure yield. Distance PLUS® Ant Bait breaks the reproductive cycle of the ant and brings a sharp reduction of the colony through time (see graph above).

Solve It With Distance PLUS® Ant Bait

There is more to these pests than annoyance to those that labor out among the banana plants caring for the crop. Ants can also affect banana quality and yield.

Some ant species excrete formic acid to protect sap-feeding insects, from which they derive honeydew as a food source and as a self-defense mechanism if disturbed by cultivation practices that jar the banana plant. In the process, they spray acid from their mandibular glands causes burning of the fruit tissues and fruit rejection at harvest.

Distance PLUS® Ant Bait, from Sumitomo Chemical, is an insect growth regulator (IGR) that interferes with the ant’s growth and development.

Distance PLUS® Ant Bait prevents the queen from laying viable eggs and metamorphosis of larvae into adult ants, and breaks the reproductive cycle of the ant, thereby disrupting their work and eventually causing starvation in the colony.

Distance® PLUS Ant Bait provides long-lasting ant control. It is important to understand that this IGR work slowly, causing a gradual reduction in worker numbers. The end goal should be elimination of the colony. This is the strength of Distance® PLUS Ant Bait.

Always read and follow label directions.