Can Better Root Access to Soil and Water Boost your Yield?

MycoApply® can improve early root development and get oil palm trees off to a fast start.  MycoApply® works with the palm plant to Improve plant health and overall performance to optimize yield.

Improve Vigor and Optimize Yield With MycoApply®

Nutrients and water may be in your plantation soil, but if your palm lacks a vigorous root system, then it may not be able to quickly and efficiently acquire the resources necessary for optimum plant performance. MycoApply® works with the palm plant to provide consistent plant health and overall performance to optimize yield.

The active allies found within MycoApply® are specialized soil fungi called, Vascular Arbuscular Mycorrhizal fungi or “Mycorrhizae”, which literally means “fungus-roots”. Mycorrhizal fungi form symbiotic relationship with terrestrial plants, and serve to define a unique, mutually beneficial relationship for which the fungi are dependent upon the plant for life.

About 95 percent of the world’s terrestrial plants form a “symbiotic relationship” with Mycorrhizal fungi within their native habitats (excluding Brassicas). However, the Mycorrhizal fungi consortium within MycoApply® has been scientifically selected for their key attributes. These species work together to more actively increase nutrient uptake by releasing powerful enzymes into the soil to make essential nutrients more soluble for both the hyphae and plant root to easily absorb.

The four species consortium of beneficial Mycorrhizal fungi within MycoApply® increases the surface absorbing area beyond the plant roots anywhere from 10 to 1,000 times by way of a robust hyphal network. This combined mass of plant root and hyphae significantly improve the plant’s ability to access the widely dispersed resources within in the soil, particularly water and essential elements such as phosphorus, nitrogen and micronutrients.

Following application, the MycoApply® spores germinate by receiving a biochemical signal secreted from a nearby living plant root in search of phosphorus, and those biochemicals are natural plant hormones called Strigolactones. Within minutes of germination, the spores extend a “hyphal tube” and follow the Strigolactones signals to seek out and invade the nearby plant root. However, this is a “friendly and welcomed invasion” by the plant, which seeks fundamental biological assistance from the Mycorrhizal fungi. Once the hyphal tube enters the plant root, then the Mycorrhizae quickly begin to form beneficial fungal structures within the plant root in the form of Vesicles and Arbuscules. These Vesicles serve as receptacles that store water & nutrients for the plant to access as needed, and the Arbuscules serve as energy exchange sites whereby the Mycorrhizal fungi receive essential photosynthates (sugars) from the plant as a result of photosynthesis.

The Mycorrhizal fungi within MycoApply® then rapidly expand beyond the root to establish a vast hyphal vascular network, which work to sequester important resources from the soil that provide for plant health. This proprietary blend of MycoApply® fungi efficiently expand to access, absorb and transport soil nutrients directly to the root for essential plant nutrition by producing enzymes that release specific nutrients tightly bound within the soil, particularly phosphorus, nitrogen and micronutrients. Likewise, these hyphal filaments also access, absorb and transport soil moisture that is widely dispersed within the soil to provide the plant with greater heat and drought tolerance. Ultimately, MycoApply® technology provides the plantation grower with consistent plant health and overall performance to optimize yield throughout the life of the palm.