Do You Need to Increase Fruit Weight and Profit?

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RyzUp® application on pineapples increases fruit size by delaying maturity, thereby improving fruit quality. Untreated pineapple (at left) can quickly overmature, resulting in smaller fruit lower quality.

RyzUp® 40SG Is Your Solution for Both Quality and Yield

RyzUp-Pineapple-GraphWhen a single pineapple plant crop production cycle requires 18-22 months from planting to harvest, planting, growing and harvesting are all year-round jobs. Managing a large-scale, high-quality plantation through continuous harvest is a big challenge.

That’s why plant growth regulators (PGR) are critical to today’s pineapple production. RyzUp® 40SG is a unique PGR used to increase fruit weight and yield in pineapple, as well as to reduce the risk of fruit translucency, a key quality parameter.

During the pre-force period, RyzUp® 40SG is used to promote vegetative growth and reduce cycle time. Even more critical is the post-force period, when RyzUp® 40SG is applied to boost the development of the fruit. In this time period, RyzUp® actually delays maturity by 7-10 days, but allows the fruit to continue to grow during this window.

RyzUp-Pineapple-treatedAs a result, average fruit weight is increased by about 75 -150 grams per fruit. These bigger fruit are worth more, generating higher returns per hectare. In addition, total tonnage harvested is greater, with research showing an additional 8-10 tons of fruit harvested per hectare in RyzUp-treated fields. RyzUp® 40SG has also been shown to reduce the risk of fruit translucency, resulting in higher quality fruit and better returns.

RyzUp® 40SG is a highly soluble formulation of gibberellic acid, an environmentally friendly PGR. RyzUp® 40SG is approved for organic production by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).