Experiencing Yield Loss From Early Fruit Drop?

Tests of PalMegaon plantations have shown remarkable impact (graph at right) in avoiding fruit drop. The product should be applied early in the harvest round period and be sprayed directly onto maturing bunches.

Increase Yield and Improve Harvest Flexibility with PalMega™

PalMega-GraphIn oil palm production, loose fruits can rob yield. It’s a natural thing for fruits to come loose. It’s a result of the effect of ethylene on the abscission layer at the base of the fruit. But left unmanaged, this natural separation can come unevenly, disrupting harvest and decreasing yields.

PalMega is a game changing plant growth regulator (PGR) that can be used to manage harvest and increase yield in oil palm.

PalMega plant growth regulator delays fruit drop in oil palm by inhibiting the production of the plant ripening hormone ethylene. Ethylene is the primary trigger for the abscission of fruit from oil palm bunches. By using PalMega™, fruit drop can be reduced allowing estate managers to better manage harvest and harvest labor, extend harvest intervals resulting in fewer harvest per year but also increased bunch weights and oil content.

The benefits that can result from a PalMega program include:

  • Increased bunch weight and oil yield without sacrificing oil quality
  • Reduced loose fruit collection and less bunch shatter
  • Extended harvest round intervals and fewer harvest rounds per year
  • Putting blocks “on hold” during periods of rainy weather or labor shortage

PalMega is applied early in the harvest round period and should be sprayed directly onto maturing bunches.

By taking advantage of the unique action of PalMega to reduce fruit drop, estate managers can reap the benefits of increased yield and improved harvest flexibility.