Is Bunch Moth Invading Your Oil Palm?

Palm plantations facing infestations from bunch moth and other lepidopteran pests can get control with DiPel® while avoiding broad spectrum insecticides that have a negative effect on beneficial pollinators.

Fix It With DiPel ES®

Eggs found in over ripe bunches that have fallen to the ground signal this pest problem. The damage is caused by holes made by the Lepidoptera and damaged fruits fall to the ground prematurely or develop without kernels. The pest also causes damage by feeding on the out layer of ripening fruits.

While there is the need to control these pests, oil palm plantations rely heavily on the contributions of pollinator weevils, Elaeidobius kamerunicus, to guarantee complete bunch filling and high yields. Broad spectrum insecticides can have a direct, negative impact on those beneficial weevil populations, dramatically undermining yield potential.

Palm plantations facing infestations from bunch moth and other lepidoptan pests, such as bag worm and nettle caterpillars, have an effective solution in DiPel ES® (emulsifiable suspension). DiPel® is a biological insecticide containing the naturally occurring microorganism Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies kurstaki (Btk).

With its highly specific activity and natural origin, DiPel® supports the sustainability message of the Oil Palm Industry. Unlike some toxic chemical controls used in many palm plantations, DiPel® does not impact workers, wildlife or the environment, providing growers with much-needed crop maintenance and harvest flexibility.  DiPel® can be applied up to the time of harvest and is exempt from residue tolerance, enabling a program that meets the most exacting Maximum Residue Levels. This makes DiPel® a critical tool for controlling destructive pests without interfering with short harvest intervals.

Globally, DiPel® has become a cornerstone insecticide in many integrated pest management (IPM) programs as it offers high quality, cost-effective, broad-spectrum caterpillar control on more than 200 crops. DiPel® is used widely because it delivers consistent control while avoiding harm to beneficial insects. The active ingredient in DiPel® consists of an optimized blend of four potent Bt protein toxins, spores, and other natural, synergizing components. Other Bt strains lack the volume and balance of Bt toxin proteins that DiPel® delivers.

DiPel® is produced with exacting quality control standards. Every lot of DiPel® is tested multiple times during manufacturing to make sure it meets the performance standards growers expect in the field.