Need to Beat Black Sigatoka In Bananas?

Black Sigatoka, sometimes called black leaf streak (seen in photo at right, below), can cause big reductions in leaf area (above), loss of yield, and premature ripening. Powmyl®, now labeled for bananas, is highly effective against Black Sigatoka. Photos courtesy of The American Phytopathological Society

Your New Answer Is Powmyl®

sigatoka black leaf streakFor too many years, Black Sigatoka fungus has been a problem for banana plantations seeking to push their quality and field higher. Black Sigatoka, sometimes called black leaf streak, can cause big reductions is leaf area, loss of yield, and premature ripening. According to the American Phytopathological Society yield losses as great as 50 percent have been seen where this disease moves through a plantation unchecked.

Powmyl® fungicide is the latest in powerful disease control solutions from Sumitomo Chemical. This potent product has established itself as a solution to botrytis fungus in fruits and vegetables through the years and now Powmyl® has undergone extensive testing and become labeled for Black Sigatoka in bananas. Powmyl® targets the phytopathogenic fungus, Mycosphaerella fijiensis, that causes Black Sigatoka in bananas.

With a unique mode of action, (FRAC Code b2), Powmyl® is highly effective against Sigatoka and other important fungal diseases, especially those strains exhibiting benzimidazole resistance.

Using Powmyl® in rotation with other active ingredients can break the cycle of resistance and restore order to your integrated disease management program. It’s important to always follow label directions for proper application.