Plant Stress From Lack of Water?

Prolonged moisture stress may not show up until it’s already cut yields and injured plant health. Sumisansui® Mark II provides a low-pressure system that simulates a gentle rainfall. It’s also highly durable – made to stand up to the rigors of big operations.

Sumisansui® Mark II Is Your Oil Palm Irrigation Solution

Plant stress from lack of moisture can stunt a crop and rob yield. Often, some of the damage is done before the stress is easily detected. A Sumisansui® Mark II irrigation system offers oil palm plantations an effective solution.

Prolonged moisture stress can adversely impact growth, but may not be seen until more than a year after it occurs. Research has shown a requirement for nursery plants of 1.4 millimeter (mm) to 5 mm per day, and best results come when water is available in several different times.

For irrigating oil palm nurseries, Sumisansui® Mark II irrigation tubes are the world’s best. They are easy to set up and easy to use. The low-pressure system simulates gentle rainfall, resulting in better growth and healthier plants. Each line delivers water in a wide band of five meters and retains distribution uniformity over a long distance of up to 100 meters. Sumisansui® Mark II irrigation tubes are durable and can last up to five years.

Our irrigation equipment is highly durable – made to stand up to the rigors of big operations. We have the answers to ensure your crop has constant and efficient access to this vital resource – with the ability to add nutrients as you irrigate. Your climate, soil and weather conditions can change your water needs at any stage of plant growth and providing nutrients through irrigation at key times can be a great way to nourish plants and enhance yield.