Poor Plant Nutrition and Low Yield?

Sumicoat® is a coated, “controlled-release” fertilizer (CRF), meaning that it’s coating dissolves throughout the season. The graph (at right) shows the availability of the product as it dissolves, or goes through “elution.” Sumicoat® goes through regular field tests such as this one (above)

Sumicoat® Fertilizer Is The Answer

Sumicoat-Oil-Palm-GraphFathers and mothers know their children need a balanced diet, full of nutrients, for them to grow straight and strong. And, you wouldn’t feed your children supper one day and make them wait weeks for their next meal.

Your oil palm crop is similar in needing a balanced diet at regular intervals throughout the entire crop season. Nourishing your crop is a critical and challenging job that will be rewarded with improved palm health and better yield.

Sumicoat® fertilizer provides the solution. These expertly-blended and tailor-made nutrients – available in differing formulas – can get your crop off to a good start and deliver value throughout the season all while minimizing the difficulties of application.

Application-of-Sumicoat-fertilizer-on-Oil-PalmSumicoat is a coated, “controlled-release” fertilizer (CRF), meaning that it’s coating dissolves throughout the season, allowing a steady stream of nutrients suitable to a growing, fruit-bearing oil palm tree.   Applied correctly, Sumicoat® can benefit young trees just planted or mature trees bearing producing large, high-quality bunches.

Another formulation, Sumicoat King XR®, is the ideal fertilizer for mature plantations. Its “king-sized” pellets release their unique blend of nutrients over a long period of time and can feed trees both in the nursery and in mature plantings.

From nursery to mature plantation, plant nutrition is a vital element of producing the best crop. And Sumicoat® controlled-release fertilizers are crucial to plant nutrition.