Uneven Flowering (NDF) Causing You Problems?

Using PinCor® helps plants cope with NDF and improves fruit quality. Note the difference in the PinCor® treated pineapple (above) and the untreated fruit (below right).

Your Answer Is PinCor®

Untreated-PinCorTop plantation growers know that to produce high-quality pineapples and to facilitate harvest, synchronized bloom and fruit ripening are key.

During certain times of the year, climatic conditions (such as low light levels or cool temperatures) can trigger ethylene production by the pineapple plant, resulting in flower induction and fruiting which is out of synch with the normal production schedule. This condition, known as Naturally Differentiated Flowering (NDF) leads to a disrupted supply of fruit, increased harvest costs, smaller fruit and lower returns per acre.

PinCor® offers the solution. PinCor® is a highly effective plant growth regulator containing aminovinylglycine (AVG). PinCor inhibits the biosynthesis of ethylene in plant tissues and reduces NDF. A well-managed PinCor program keeps NDF under control and allows pineapple growers to harvest the crop on schedule.