Harvest a Bigger, Higher-quality Crop That Lasts Longer

Meeting world demand for fresh, high quality bananas presents plantation growers with unique challenges. It’s not enough to plant, grow and protect healthy banana plants. To be the most profitable, growers must be able to control the development of the crop and manage harvest in such a way as to maximize the quality all the way to the consumer.

BananasProcSumitomo Chemical Plantation Solutions can help you produce the highest quality banana crop possible and do it efficiently and sustainably. We have the answers to the problems that may be holding you back from greater profitability.

If Black Sigatoka fungus is your problem, we can help. If scale, mealybugs, mites, whiteflies, weevil borers, thrips and ants are your pests, we have answers. And, when it comes to extending the green life of your crop and making harvest easier, we have the answers that can add life and meet a growing global demand.