Harvest a Bigger, Higher-quality Crop That Lasts Longer

Increasing global demand for fresh, high quality bananas is both an opportunity and a challenge for plantation growers. To maximize quality and profit in an efficient and sustainable manner, banana growers need innovative and proven solutions to control the variety of important diseases and insects that threaten their crop. Sumitomo Chemical Plantation Solutions has the answers.

Oil Palm

Manage For Higher Yield and More Oil

Operating a commercial oil palm plantation requires a significant financial commitment, and growers must make the most of every tree and bunch. Lack of proper nutrition, environmental stresses, and insect and weed pressure can undermine crop and plant development. Sumitomo Chemical Plantation Solutions can help growers overcome these challenges.


Raise Better Fruit With Fewer Hassles

The highest demand for fresh pineapple comes from the United States, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Canada and several European countries – markets that demand high quality. To meet this need and do so in an efficient and sustainable manner, plantation growers require outstanding size and fruit uniformity in the field. Sumitomo Chemical Plantation Solutions helps pineapple growers address the challenges of planting, growing, nourishing, protecting and harvesting a high-quality crop season after season.


Raise More Cane With A Higher Sugar Content

Sugarcane production is a delicate process that requires high productivity with a minimum of inputs. To produce a high-quality and profitable crop, sugarcane growers must guard against invasive weeds and insects as well as manage against environmental stresses that can curtail crop development. Sumitomo Chemical Plantation Solutions has innovative answers for protecting your cane plants, yield, and investment.