EverGreen® Crop Protection EC 60-6, from MGK, uses pyrethrins synergized with piperonyl butoxide (PBO), enabling more insecticide to reach the target site in the insect’s nervous system.

EverGreen® insecticide controls Hibiscus mealybug and other insect pests by quickly penetrating the insect’s nervous system. This penetration brings a fast flushing effect followed by internal paralysis. Paralyzed mealybugs can’t feed or injure fruit.

EverGreen® delivers fast kill and quick results when applied alone or tank mixed. It has no pre-harvest interval (PHI) and can be applied any time up to and including the day of harvest. There is only a 12-hour re-entry interval (REI).

Tank mixes are enhanced when EverGreen® is included. It can be tank mixed with most insecticides and acts as an exciter to increase the spectrum of control. EverGreen® is a broad spectrum and may be used on more than 200 growing crops to control a wide variety of crop-damaging insects.