ParaMite®, from Sumitomo Chemical, is very effective against a variety of mites and also easy on beneficial insects, making it a great fit in your integrated pest management (IPM) application program.

ParaMite® has the active ingredient etoxazole, which has no cross-resistance to existing miticides. That makes it an excellent choice for controlling mites and an important part of an effective resistance management strategy.

Carefully scouting mite populations will help focus your IPM program. Populations can increase rapidly when the weather is right and ParaMite® will work best when it’s mostly eggs and nymphs. If the mite population is predominantly adult, it’s best to mix in a knock-down miticide along with ParaMite® to reduce the number of adults. While ParaMite® will sterilize adult females to prevent egg-laying, they will continue to feed.

ParaMite® is translaminar, that is, it penetrates leaf tissues and form a reservoir of active ingredient within the leaf. Good coverage will maximize control. Do not apply ParaMite® if rainfall is expected before the spray will dry and to manage resistance, do not apply more than one spray per season. And, of course, always read and follow label directions.