RyzUp®, an environmentally friendly product from Valent BioSciences, is a unique formulation of the naturally occurring plant growth regulator gibberellic acid. Used in combination with good post-harvest practices, RyzUp® has been shown to increase banana green life by more than one week, ensuring that fruit arrives at that market in optimal condition. In sugar cane it increases yield. Applied to pineapples during production, it delays maturity allowing fruit to grow larger. It also reduces the risk of translucency in the harvested fruit.

To improve post-harvest green life, RyzUp® is applied prior to packing and shipping in combination with alum and fungicides. The goal is to prevent the bananas from de-greening (ripening and turning yellow), as any sign of yellowing will result in bananas being rejected. After washing the crop, RyzUp® is applied directly to the bananas’ “hands’ in the form of a drench or spray, or simply brushed onto the cut ends.

This post-harvest application, which is compatible with other standard post-harvest treatment programs, adds about one week of green life to the crop. It also maintains fruit quality longer, ensuring the bananas will get to their destination in optimum condition. RyzUp® increases the percentage of marketable fruit after transport.