Sumicoat®, from Sumitomo Chemical, is a unique fertilizer formulation made for oil palm plantations. These expertly-blended and tailor-made nutrients – available in differing formulas – can get your crop off to a good start and deliver value throughout the season all while minimizing the difficulties of application.

Sumicoat® is a coated, “controlled-release” fertilizer (CRF), meaning that its coating dissolves throughout the season, allowing a steady stream of nutrients suitable to a growing, fruit-bearing oil palm tree.   Applied correctly, Sumicoat® can benefit young trees just planted or mature trees bearing producing large, high-quality bunches.

Another formulation, Sumicoat King XR®, is the ideal fertilizer for mature plantations. Its “king-sized” pellets release their unique blend of nutrients over a long period of time and can feed trees both in the nursery and in mature plantings.