XenTari® from Valent BioSciences is a biological insecticide containing a natural, potent strain (ABTS-1857) of the microorganism Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies aizawai (Bta). It controls caterpillar pests on bananas, vegetables, stone fruits, nuts, row crops, and turf (specific registrations vary by country). XenTari® is proven to provide exceptional control of key problem pests such as banana caterpillar, armyworms and diamondback moth larvae.

As a native Bt strain, XenTari® contains insecticidal toxin proteins that are typically found in other Bt subspecies (typical Bta and Btk). XenTari® features a balanced blend of four potent toxin proteins and a spore, targeting key pests at levels few biological products can match.

XenTari® does not harm important beneficial insects such as bees for pollination, insect predators, and parasites used in control of other insect pests. XenTari® is also not harmful to humans, wildlife or the environment, providing growers with much-needed flexibility. XenTari® can be applied right up to the time of harvest, since it has zero post-harvest interval (PHI), though regional regulations may vary. Always read and follow label directions.